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Desk Top Service Contract Consolidation

Service Contract Surveys for Personal Computers and Desktop PC's.

  • Do you have duplicate coverage on the same desktop devices?
  • Do you have critical coverage for non-critical systems?
  • Do you have multiple service contracts accidentally covering the same device?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help you with our service contract audit services for the desktop.

Oftentimes,  mistakes are made with software or support coverage for your desktop devices. Some devices may have duplicated coverage while others may have higher service levels than are necessary.  Our contract audit service helps you determine the correct service levels for all the systems and devices found in your data center.

Service Contract Audit Tasks

  • Audit Your Current Environment: PrismPointe will conduct a physical audit of your IT assets against the manufacturer´┐Żs database or contract documentation. This information is used to eliminate unnecessary support expenses for hardware as well as software maintenance.
  • Evaluate Current Service Levels: PrismPointe will evaluate areas of exposure, lack of coverage, and excessive coverage of devices for both hardware and software. We provide a concise report that includes industry standards and expert recommendations that evaluate the necessary service levels.
  • Provide Recommendations: PrismPointe will recommend coverage changes for those systems whose support needs to be terminated, dropped, enhanced, or modified.
  • Management Program: Our singlePoint´┐Ż application enables you to manage devices covered under PrismPointe extended warranty, manufacturer uplifted warranty, or parts only coverage.

These actions, when combined with the cost effective nature of PrismPointe's manufacturer authorized support, provide you with a significant reduction in your total cost of ownership while giving your end users a superior service experience.