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Data Center Planning Services

  • Are you expanding or consolidating your facilities?
  • Are you moving within your data center or to a new location?
  • Are you moving across town or across country?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we have set the standard for responsive, cost effective, IT equipment move services for most products found on your desktop or in your data center.

PrismPointe is perfectly suited for the job when you are seeking Computer Equipment move planning services for a simple box move to the most complex data center consolidation and relocation.

Our Process, Our People, Our Expertise eliminates your risks!

Select a project manager We can manage the planning of your project or execute your plan using our engineers. 

Moving a data center is a complicated undertaking, requiring PrismPointe engineers, as well as your staff.  Having an experienced and specialized project manager to lead your move is the surest way to reduce the risk.

present method of operation
Our process begins with a deep dive into your existing environment.

This review is the starting point of the project. PrismPointe reviews the servers, applications, infrastructure, storage and interactions of them all to make sure we have identified the current environment completely.

We also review service level agreements, warranties and your processes, to ensure that we understand the environment you must support. This environment is fully documented and approved by you before we move forward.

desired future state
We define the conditions of success.

This includes any changes you plan on making during the move, such as virtualization or technology upgrades or changes to processes or service level agreements.  We document this environment to make sure that we have captured your needs completely.

Design process We build a roadmap to get from the current state to the future state.

We define the events that need to take place: software licenses required, hardware purchases, cable plans, and network changes, in order to create the future state.

If your strategy for moving requires swing equipment or a net new investment, this will be documented. This process allows us help you adjust your project budget to reflect what is really needed to move the data center. All of this information is documented in a design plan and approved by you before we proceed.

Develop implementation plan We put a schedule together that defines the responsible party, prerequisites, timeframes and resources needed to complete them.

Once that plan is approved, we move to the plan execution phase of the project.

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