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About Us

Our Company

PrismPointe Technologies serves our clients by offering a robust set of multi-vendor services that solve most of the problems found in your client-server computing infrastructure.  We address:

We are a IT services company, with a global footprint and a presence in every market that we target. 

Now, from one company you can have one IT maintenance contract, one point of contact and one resource to work with for all your client-server computing needs.


PrismPointe Technologies believes that the most important activity in our day is to resolve our client’s problem quickly and correctly.

PrismPointe believes that our people centric processes result in the quick resolution of your business problems.

We work hard to deliver our services locally and responsibly to every client we support. We are engaged in high value creation activities with our clients that are measurable, repeatable and secure. We work hard to earn our clients trust and work harder to keep it forever.


Computer systems are the most significant investment that our clients make. Our vision is to offer meaningful solutions that create the maximum value associated with owning and running printer fleets and personal computers.

Our clients invest in the asset itself when purchased. They invest in the applications that run on it. They invest to operate the asset throughout its productive life. Finally, they are faced with costs for the responsible re-cycling of the asset. We extend the useful life of IT assets so that you maximize the investment you have made.

We offer solutions to the problems that our clients face during each phase of an assets life. We reduce the total cost of maintaining, managing and re-cycling IT assets.