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PrismPointe believes that every customer is a reference.

This has earned us a 99.7% customer retention rate, and a presence in 64% of the Dow Jones industrial average companies.  We have customers in every major vertical industry, on every major OEM technology and every geographic area we have chosen to cover.


Industry Locations Benefit What Customers are Saying Ref
Healthcare Icon Response Time
"We needed special response times for much of our equipment so PrismPointe's ability to have parts onsite with their field engineers has been terrific." KPC
Healthcare California Lexmark    
Manufacturing Icon Service Quality "Our equipment takes a lot of wear and tear because its in the field and under heavy use.  PrismPointe's UpLIFT™ services allows me to customize my service levels to my exact needs for the exact equipment location." DGA
Retail Tennessee Lexmark    

Industry Locations Benefit What Customers are Saying Ref
Manufacturing Icon Manufacturing Icon Responsive
"SMS has never missed an SLA. Your support team knowledge exceeded my team's expectations. You host regular account reviews to ensure services aren't slipping." CSP
Local Government Florida Dell, HP    
Manufacturing Icon Manufacturing Icon Local
"It's been a pleasure to work with the SMS team and feeling reassured that they are available to assist whenever we need them." WLC
Manufacturing Pennsylvania Sun, Dell, HP    
Manufacturing Icon Service Quality "The service we experience is outstanding." WRL
New Jersey EMC    
Manufacturing Icon Service Quality "I have received specific compliments for SMS from multiple team members.  You are being recognized by us for doing outstanding work." WMS
Retail Arkansas HP    
Healthcare Icon Response Time "It was just so refreshing to work with someone so customer service orientated and positive even after finding out it was our error and he had a 3 hour trip ahead of him."    SMM
Hospital Michigan      
Publishing Icon Service Quality "He really saved the day for me on my server. He was phenomenal!"  FW
Publishing Illinois HP    
Technical Icon Equipment
"I sincerely appreciate your efforts in getting the equipment ready and shipped ahead of schedule and on such a short notice. All the effort, long days and nights, excellent team work and, most importantly, �can do attitude� in achieving/exceeding expectations." KH
IT Services Texas HP    
Financial Services Icon Server
"Thanks for the great effort you guys did yesterday to get us that spare server." CIG
Financial Services New Jersey Dell    
Media Services Icon Cost Savings "Thanks goes to you for saving us money and delivering exceptional service!!" DNI
Media Ohio Sun, HP    
Aerospace Icon Exceptional
"He is a credit to your company, and we very much appreciate the excellent support he provided." LMM
Aerospace Florida Dell PowerEdge    
Motion Pictures Icon Flexibility "I would like to thank you for your great support when we lost a server at our data center after the power hit and UPS issue that occurred. You came in with a great �can do� attitude and were well prepared and �adapted and improvised� to get the server back on-line in short order." PPC
Motion Pictures California HP    
Financial Services Icon Service Quality "SMS is a group of professionals. Always a pleasure to work with." PFS
Financial Services Massachusetts HP Alphaserver    
Internet Retail Icon Service Quality "You did your homework on the issue and remediation options.  You came in with all the parts necessary.  You worked quickly and was very patient.  You were sensitive to our needs and customer impact.  You did not leave until the server was fully operational.  On behalf of our Company, I thank you." OEF
Internet Retail New York IBM, Cisco    
Internet Retail Icon Quick Diagnosis
Quick Repair
"SMS did an excellent job of diagnosing and fixing the issue, as well as providing updates as they occurred." CSU
Higher Education California Dell    
Law and Legal Industry Icon Exceed expectations "I really appreciated them going above and beyond what was expected of them.  Thanks to their assistance, we were able to get these servers back online under the SLA." LRF
Legal Missouri Dell, HP