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About Us

About PrismPointe Technologies

IT Services That Matter

PrismPointe Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Systems Maintenance Services (SMS) which was founded in 1981. This relationship benefits our customers, our partners and our employees. What are you looking for?
  • Are you looking for a company that is an expert in the desktop, the network and the data center?
  • Are you looking for a company that is totally focused on services for IT infrastructure?
  • Are you looking for a company with the processes, procedures and efficiencies to deliver a global response at a price point you can live with?

PrismPointe is the absolute expert in client server computing whether the implementation is local, for a campus or global. 

  • Our experts are full time employees working from physical service centers.
  • Our services are customized around your need and multi-vendor in nature.
  • Our company has 4 global call centers supporting the desktop, the network and the data center.

PrismPointe Technologies offers you a single contract for maintenance of all your IT products, your IMAC infrastructure needs and your ITAD data security.

About SMS, Systems Maintenance Services.

Since 1981, SMS has delivered superior independent multi-vendor maintenance for most major IT OEMs like IBM, HP, Sun Microsystems, and Dell. In addition, we support a wide variety of storage products made by EMC, Hitachi, and a variety of Hitachi branded storage.

  • SMS has many reference clients in vertical industries including, but not limited to,
    • Retail and online retail.
    • Healthcare, health sciences and hospitals.
    • Higher education, colleges and universities.
    • Financial services, banking, international banking, and insurance.
  • SMS Service Centers are strategically located throughout the world, in order to give you responsive, nationwide, and local coverage.
  • SMS engineers and consultants are W2 employees, "system smart," and manufacturer trained. They combine hardware and software skills to troubleshoot problems quickly and maximize uptime.

If you are looking for an effective alternative to OEM post warranty support that is significantly less expensive and minimizes your total cost of ownership, SMS can help.