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About Us

Call Center at PrismPointe Technolgies

Service excellence happens every day at PrismPointe Technologies because of the efforts and hard work of individuals who know that a satisfied customer is a great customer.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide exceptional service with every incident, PrismPointe built its own, US headquartered,  customer call center. When our competitors were either outsourcing or closing their customer call centers, PrismPointe was investing and building call centers for every region we service.

  Call handling The PrismPointe call center agents use the singlePoint® software to:
  • Verify device coverage in your service contract
  • Log your incident into the singlePoint® system for online monitoring
  • Monitor your incident until it is resolved
  24 by 7 availability The PrismPointe call centers are designed for mission critical response around the world. Our agents:
  • Are available 24 by 7, 365 days a year
  • Have access to all of our field engineers in order to get your problem into the right hands, as soon as possible
  • Can escalate your call to PrismPointe Central Engineering for backline support when the situation calls for it
  Contact center flexibility The PrismPointe call center can action your incidents in a number of ways:
  • Access PrismPointe by phone and connect with an agent
  • Access PrismPointe via singlePoint®  and engage the PrismPointe remediation process via the web
  • Access PrismPointe with remote monitoring and initiate PrismPointe remediation and call dispatch without necessarily calling the call center
  Personalized service  The PrismPointe problem resolution team shares a common goal:
  • Address all of your support needs with prompt, personalized service

Once your service call has been opened, we monitor its progress from start to completion. This allows us to not only meet or exceed our Service Level commitments to you, but to also ensure all the relevant details have been properly documented, communicated, and available to you to review on singlePoint´┐Ż at any time.

From the very beginning, the primary focus of the center has been to provide a single point of contact for customers while allowing us to more accurately track each call from inception to resolution. 

Our goal is to keep our 99.7% customer retention rate, which we have worked so long and hard to earn.