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Systems Integrators Partner Program

  • Are you looking to increase your business revenues by creating new technical products?
  • Do you see computer and computer technology as enabling the expansion of your revenue stream?
  • Do you wish to increase your delivery capabilities by using a multi-vendor multi location SaaS provider?
  • Do you see customer satisfaction and service level achievement as the means to build customer loyalty?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies has built a partnering program just for you.  Since 1981, we set the standard for flexible, responsive, cost effective, deployments for most products found on your the desktop, your campus local area network and you data center.

Do you Take Computers and Make them into Customer Solutions?

Our partner program is centered around the customer, their desire for superior service.  Our partnering program is designed around you, and your ability to recognize PrismPointe's value with multi-vendor, multi-location, full time engineers. Our objective is to help you sell your solution to your end users by using our unique skills to leverage your technical reach.
  • We will help you create a delivery advantage by using our technical skills and local staging facilities to build custom, integrated solutions.
  • We will use our W2, FTE workforce to help you stage, image, wire, install, test and maintain your custom, customer solution.
  • We reduce the cost of ownership with your solution by providing diagnosis, maintenance and repair locally.

Our national footprint enables your reach as a systems integrator.  We have the facilities, the engineers and the managed services to help you roll out your computer solutions.


About Service Center™ from PrismPointe Technologies

Service Center´┐Ż is a customized, secure, cloud based application that enables multi-vendor support for the kiosk, tablet, desktop, laptop, your printer fleet or any element of client server computing you are using.  As a PrismPointe customer you can:

  • Enter a trouble ticket for any device in your client-server infrastructure. 
    If this device is not covered by a service contract, we will use our fix-IT-first™ policy to remedy the situation.
  • Report on all trouble tickets that are entered for your customer, your OEM product line, or a group of customers
  • Enter an electronic work order to Install, Move, Add or Change (IMAC) a device.
  • Enter an electronic work order to erase, decommission of recycle a device.

Service Center™ accelerates the ease with which your customer receives services from PrismPointe Technologies and enhances the overall experience with their computing environment through managed services.

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