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Maintenance for Network Appliances

Maintenance for Network Appliances

  • Are your netApp product warranties about to expire?
  • Are you looking for great service that is responsive, cost effective and flexible?
  • Are you tired of being pushed into the latest technology, regardless of your need?
  • Are you looking for multi-vendor support beyond your NetApp devices?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.

PrismPointe is the only proven alternative to OEM maintenance.  We set the new standard for responsive, cost effective, third party maintenance for most NetApp and Network Appliances branded products like the 'F' series and FAS series products.

Now you can keep your post warranty NetApp products for as long as you choose while saving on your post warranty operating expenses and capital equipment expenses.

Maintenance and Support for NetApp Enterprise Storage

PrismPointe will:
  • Deliver superior post warranty services
  • eXtend™ the current warranty
  • UpLIFT™ the warranty
  • Install, move, add or change all products
  • Securely recycle all products
NetApp Storage 

SMS protects your investment in the NetApp Family

Now you have an option if you want to keep your current NetApp F Series or NetApp FAS series devices.  Whether you own NetApp F720, the NetApp F880 Base Filer Cluster or the NetApp FAS3050c Base Filer, SMS can provide you with a cost effective support solution.

SMS supports the Network Appliances products listed and more!

Support Available for NetApps and Network Appliances �F� series Branded Storage
NetApp 'F' series Storage �F� series ModelDescription
NetApp R150 MaintenanceR150 NetApp R150 NearStore
NetApp R200 MaintenanceR200 NetApp R200 NearStore
NetApp F85 MaintenanceF85 NetApp F85 Base Filer
NetApp F87 MaintenanceF87 NetApp F87 Base Filer
NetApp F720 MaintenanceF720 NetApp F720 Base Filer
NetApp F740 MaintenanceF740 NetApp F740 Base Filer
NetApp F760 MaintenanceF760 NetApp F760 Base Filer
NetApp F810 MaintenanceF810 NetApp F810 Base Filer
NetApp F810c MaintenanceF810c NetApp F810 Base Filer Clustered
NetApp F820 MaintenanceF820 NetApp F820 Base Filer
NetApp F820c MaintenanceF820c NetApp F820 Base Filer Clustered
NetApp F825 MaintenanceF825 NetApp F825 Base Filer
NetApp F825C MaintenanceF825C NetApp F825 Base Filer Clustered
NetApp F840 MaintenanceF840 NetApp F840 Base Filer
NetApp F840C MaintenanceF840C NetApp F840 Base Filer Clustered
NetApp F880 MaintenanceF880 NetApp F880 Base Filer
NetApp F880c MaintenanceF880c NetApp F880 Base Filer Clustered

Support Available for NetApps and Network Appliances FAS Storage Brand Storage
NetApp FAS StorageFAS series Description
NetApp FAS2020 MaintenanceFAS2000NetApp FAS2020 Base Filer
NetApp FAS2040 MaintenanceFAS2000NetApp FAS2040 Base Filer
NetApp FAS2050 MaintenanceFAS2000NetApp FAS2050 Base Filer
NetApp FAS2070 MaintenanceFAS2000NetApp FAS2070 Base Filer
NetApp FAS2240 MaintenanceFAS2000NetApp FAS2240 Base Filer
NetApp FAS250 MaintenanceFAS200NetApp FAS250 Base Filer
NetApp FAS270 MaintenanceFAS200NetApp FAS270 Base Filer
NetApp FAS3020 MaintenanceFAS3000NetApp FAS3020 Base Filer System
NetApp FAS3040 MaintenanceFAS3000NetApp FAS3040 Base Filer
NetApp FAS3050 MaintenanceFAS3000NetApp FAS3050 Base Filer
NetApp FAS3070 MaintenanceFAS3000NetApp FAS3070 Base Filer
NetApp FAS3140 MaintenanceFAS3100NetApp FAS3140 Filer
NetApp FAS3160 MaintenanceFAS3100NetApp FAS3160 Filer
NetApp FAS3170 MaintenanceFAS3100NetApp FAS3170 Filer
NetApp FAS6030 MaintenanceFAS6000NetApp FAS6030 Base Filer
NetApp FAS6040 MaintenanceFAS6000NetApp FAS6040 Base Filer
NetApp FAS6070 MaintenanceFAS6000NetApp FAS6070 Base Filer
NetApp FAS6080 MaintenanceFAS6000NetApp FAS6080 Base Filer
NetApp FAS810 MaintenanceFAS800NetApp FAS810 Base Filer
NetApp FAS920 MaintenanceFAS900NetApp FAS920 Base Filer
NetApp FAS940 MaintenanceFAS900NetApp FAS940 Base Filer
NetApp FAS960 MaintenanceFAS900NetApp FAS960 Base Filer
NetApp FAS980 MaintenanceFAS900NetApp FAS980 Base Filer