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Computer Retirement or Refresh at PrismPointe Technologies

PrismPointe Technologies understands that equipment doesn't last forever. When you are ready for upgrades, we can help you with:

  • Can my equipment be redeployed within my company?
  • Does my equipment have a value outside of my company?
  • Can my equipment be securely cleansed of all data traces?
  • Can we harvest any valuable software licenses?

PrismPointe helps you to dispose of your mature IT assets while considering three factors:

Simplicity. How difficult is it to properly dispose of these systems?
Who would be interested in a purchase?
Security. How can I be sure that the data is destroyed on these systems?
How do I comply with privacy regulations?
Value. Can I recapture any of my investment in these systems?
If not, how much are the disposal costs?

PrismPointe has decades of experience reusing and recycling mature IT equipment. PrismPointe asset retirement and recovery service is a simple process for gaining value from the sale of used computer equipment. There are three ways PrismPointe buys assets.

Flexible Payment Options

Fixed price takeout. You are relieved of the logistical headaches and liquidity risks associated with managing the sale.  For a fixed price, PrismPointe will arrange to remove your unwanted equipment, including the cost of transportation, physical resources, and the cost of disposal.
Shared revenue sale PrismPointe simplifies the task by handling your inventory and verifying its specifications.  If your product has value in the marketplace, it may be able to be sold, and a negotiated percentage of the proceeds returned to you upon completion of the sale.  Product with no value is scrapped in compliance with applicable environmental laws.
No hassle Option PrismPointe disposes of the equipment through our hassle-free, All-Inclusive™ option. This option is ideal for customers with an aggressive IT refresh plan who want to avoid the inconvenience of asset disposal.  We arrange for the packaging, transportation cost, receipt, inventory of equipment, asset verification, and disposition. We test each item to identify its configuration and properly dispose of all your systems as part of All-Inclusive™.

Settlement Reporting

When PrismPointe receives your equipment schedule, we determine its value.  Equipment with no value is recycled in a manner designed to meet local, state, and federal requirements.

Once the disposition of your equipment is completed, you will receive a detailed settlement report, which verifies that your hardware was received under a specific tracking number, the data was overwritten or reformatted, and non-functional hard drives were destroyed. The report also provides details as to which hardware was resold or recycled.

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